Exciting New Week

Good morning,

It is Monday morning 7am Perth time and I am about to begin an hours power walk with little Sierra. We power walk thorugh the hills along the beach front which is a great way to start the day. Sierra is taking after me now as she sqeals good morning to every single person we walk past. She just loves her morning cardio.

I am stepping up the training and cardio this week again as I had pulled it back a little to recover from my 7 months straight of dieting. It is so important to rest when your body needs it and mentally I needed a break. By doing this I am now even more energized for what lays ahead. So on that note I better get going as I am sure most of you out there have probably all finished your cardio work outs for the morning.

Have a fantastic positive day everyone and thank you to all those who welcomed me to cyberland.

Get fit from within

Michelle xx