Rockingham Sports Star Of The Year Awards

Hi Everyone,
I have some great news for everyone in the body building world. I was a finalist in the Senior Sportstar of the year awards last night which was fantastic as body building rarely ever gets a mention in these types of award ceromonies. It was wonderful to be part of such a celebration of sport and to bring body building to the main stream and show people what a great sport it is and the dedication that is involved surpasses all other sports.

I was so happy to be named as one of the 10 finalists but at the end of the ceremony was the last award, the big one for the night. It was the John Brown Memorial Award Overall Sport Star. As they were talking about this award and what it meant I was thinking to myself wow a great team must be up for this. But to my absolute suprise my name was called as the winner and this is what was said:

It is with much pleasure that the Sound Telegraph is able to sponsor this wonderful award in memory of a true gentleman and a man who loved all sports and especially sporting participants who gave their all especially under extreme odds.
John, or JB as he was affectionately known, initiated these prestigious awards which have grown over the years and now recognise outstanding athletes and achievers.
It is particular poignant that as this years JB Memorial recipient you have been able to overcome a medical problem that unfortunately took JB from us too early and your achievement in your sport of Natural Bodybuilding is a testament to great spirit and determination.
We sincerely congratulate you on your career and wish you much success in the future year.

I was blown away recieving this award so much because the man they speak of as JB was the man who first put me in the newspaper for bodybuilding. He new I had overcome open heart surgery to go on and win a world title and he wanted to celebrate this achievement and get it out to the masses. Well he did that for me and 4 days later I rang to thank him for running such a wonderful story on me and I was told he had died the day before from heart failure due to aortic stenosis, which is the exact problem I have. So as you can see this award last night is a highlite for me both for my sporting career and on a deep personal level.

This year has been amazing for me and the community has embraced my achievements more than I can ever have imagined. So to all of you out there competing this season put 100% into it and believe you can do anything as I am living proof it can be done against all odds. Lets show the world how important our sport is and every single person who makes it to the stage should be celebrated as the journey to get there is so hard and long but worth every bit of it at the end.

Good luck to everyone and thank you to you all for your ongoing support.

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