Great training Session with Miss Rae

Hi There,

I had a wonderful training session Saturday with my friend Rae Cattach. We did a shoulder workout that was full of new unique exercises and I must say our shoulders got a great pump. We are both focusing on our training for next years shows and we both know the best bodies are built in the off season.  

We are tailoring our eating plans for off season to ensure we have all the nutrients we need to grow good quality muscle and stay fairly lean. Our eating plans are full of nutrient dense live foods and good quality complex carbohydrates along with EFA’s in each and every meal. With these foods going in daily we will feed our bodies what it requires. Everything we eat will be used by the body for growth and repair. We have designed a great supplement regime to compliment our eating and it is as follows. We will be using Next Generation Mega Pro protein Powder, Next Generation Refuel BCAA’s, Next Generation Megarecovery Glutamine, Next Generation Megamass Forte and our favourte Juice Plus.

If anyone wants more information on our off season plan please don’t hestitate to e-mail us.

Get Fit From Within


Michellexx2006 INBA Australian Titles #2

Oh my we have come a long way since this shot in 2006. Michelle, David and Rae hamming it up back stage. We always have so much fun when we compete together. Looking forward to doing it again in 2010