Services Page Updated

Good Afternoon to everyone,

Well I have been so busy these past few weeks with moving house, training and working with clients.  So busy in fact that I have only just managed to keep my head above water as David is away off shore again for 4 weeks.

I don’t mind being busy though as I have been getting some fantastic results with my clients. I have also met some fantastic people online who I believe will amaze themselves with how good they are going to look and feel.

The clients I have been working with will now know how passionate I am about helping them achieve their goals. They also now know I am all about education and I have been giving them tools to take charge of their own health, fitness and leanness moving into the future.

My coaching system is working so well that many of my clients are now teaching others already on the importance of whole food nutrition. As an example my client Noeline has been on the Yo Yo dieting merry go round for many years without any results. Noeline has taken on her new whole food eating plan and cardio regime with gusto and she has taken in everything I have taught her so well she was out with a friend who sat down for her meal and brought out a chemist brand meal replacement shake. Noeline on the other hand was sitting down to a nutritous live food meal full of all the colours of the rainbow and had a lean protein, essential fat and complex carbohydrate component to it. Noeline then analysed the nutrition panel of this meal replacement shake and pointed out  the long list of ingredients, colours preservatives etc. All the things the body would not be able to use as it was all synthetic. She then pointed out the huge amount of sugar contained in the product. My point here is Noeline was eating real food which the body will be able to breakdown to use for growth and repair and her friend was getting an extremely processed concoction which the body will not be able to use along with it not being very nice to consume.

I want to say thank you to all of you who have entrusted me with your health and fitness goals and  I look forward to working with you further to ensure you get to your goals.

To all the people who have contacted me in regards to competition preparation I would like to let you all know that Rae Cattach and I have been working over the weekend to upload the pricing and information under my services page. So please check it out and if anyone has any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you Rae for all your help you are a wonderful friend and you are so talented.

I hope everyone has a lovely week  and I also want to just say to Jehanne I am so pleased to see how far you have come with your training and eating. It is a testament to your character and proves that getting back to whole foods really does work.

Get Fit From Within

Michelle xx