The Fun Bus

Hi there everyone, I just wanted to share these driving rules for the ride of your life.

There are those that want to get on your bus

And those that will watch you go by

Keep on driving and picking up new people

If you focus on the ones that didn’t get on

You’ll be wasting fuel for the one’s that want to get on

Seek direction and Focus your efforts

Eventually you’ll have a “Full Standing Room Only Bus”

It’s YOUR bus and YOUR trip

Don’t compare your bus to other buses

You are the driver

Don’t drive according to other’s travel plans

You have the best view

You have the vision for the whole bus

Share your vision so they won’t get off

Take a chance and ask people if they want to get on your bus

It’s okay to change your destination

Sometimes you might have to ask someone to get off your bus

Don’t let anyone ruin your ride

The ride of your life!

Post a sign “No energy vampires allowed”

If people need to get off maybe they need to get on another bus

Maybe they are making room for someone special

Have fun!

When you have fun everyone will want to ride on your bus

Your Fun bus!

 How true is this!!! Life is so short and we only have one body so please look after it with the best nutrition, exercise and relaxation

Here is a picture of me and my husband David in a happy state of health and vitality. We aim to teach our daughter all about health and wellness and we plan on being on this planet for a long time.


 Get Fit From Within

Michelle xx