Transformation number 5

Good morning everyone I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

We have just posted some progress shots of Nazafit’s very own Jeh Newby as we wanted to show you all what preparing for a figure comp on a high number of nutrient dense calories can do for you. I think there are so many girls out there frightened to eat and they drop their calories way to low. What all the girls out there need to understand is that you have to eat to get lean as the body requires a huge amount of nutrition when preparing for a show.

Jeh is getting stronger and stronger each week and has been performing PB’s in all exercises. She is growing great quality muscle as you will see in her photos all the while she is slowly chipping away at her body fat. Jeh’s skin and hair is shiny and vibrant and she is feeling fantastic. Jeh follows a very basic supplementation plan as we believe in getting the majority of our nutrition through whole foods and whole food supplementation.

If anyone would like to know more information about how we prepare or what wholefood supplements we use please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are passionate about spreading the message of getting fit from within and we want everyone to become a living testament of health and vitality.

Have a wonderful day

Michelle Nazaroff