Michelle’s Cardio Antics

Hi there,

As you all know I have a little pocket rocket 2 year old named Sierra. She knows it is competition prep time as we have started our cardio antics again. I like to include Sierra as much as possible so now we have moved to 10 acres in Baldivis I have had to invent some new ways to do cardio with her.

What we are doing every morning at the moment is I put her in a mountain hiking back pack and I hike up a steep hill which takes me 15 minutes to get to the top. We do this 4 times to make up an hour and I have to say it is gruelling as Sierra ways just shy of 20kg. She is so tall for her age and as she loves having a sip of my Protein Shakes and eating her gummies she is bigger than the average 2 year old.  

The next thing we are doing is I have a bike set up in my office and Sierra is set up on the floor with all her paper and pens. I ride my bike while checking emails and Sierra draws me a master piece.

Lastly we have a great trampoline outside and I have taken to jumping on this with Sierra for 30 minutes at a time. It is great cardio and there is no pressure on my joints. We have set songs we sing while we jump and run around the trampoline and we have set patterns that we follow. It is such a funny site to see and I must say I am glad no one can see us as the average person would be baffled.  

So these are just a couple of things I am doing with this comp prep and it is a great way to include your little one in the whole process. Sierra wakes up every morning and says is it time for cardio mum. What a great start to life she is having and at 2 she is already living the health and fitness lifestyle. Imagine what she is going to be like at 21.

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