Client Spotlight – Miss Tank

A word from inspirational Nazafit client, Miss Tank. Special thanks to Dallas Olsen for the competition picture taken at the ANB Asia Pac titles:

I don’t want this to be a testimonial, but a true, real life story of what my preparation for competition in woman’s physique bodybuilding has been like, emotionally, physically and spiritually the Nazafit way…

First of all, no preparation is easy, if someone says that their prep was easy, they are bullshitting you or they are highly gifted with the best metabolism in the world and have a mental capacity that is genius. BUT (always a BUT) if you follow a plan that is set out for you – it makes the prep heaps uncomplicated! Seriously – if you have not got a plan that suits you, you will more than likely find yourself into your preparation in a state of dismay, your head will start “playing games” along with self doubt, wanting to throw the towel in – the list can go on…

Well – not the Nazafit way!

Michelle spent time writing an INDIVIDUAL plan for me. But it HAD to work both ways. I promised to send Michelle weekly updates (photo’s, feelings and food diary). I prepped with Michelle by distance – so the “distance” situation was a first for Michelle. This did not affect my preparation what so ever. Again, back to the plan thing, I had a plan and stuck to it. If I was having problems in the week, it was just a matter of picking up the phone or emailing Michelle with my concern or problem, and voila – ALWAYS get a response. Now Michelle is one busy woman, not only a mum and a wife, she was also preparing herself for a show and others. Her level of responsiveness was so efficient, which makes her a professional in what she does.

What sets Michelle apart from others? I have to say it is that she CARES. And she cares with such sincerity and integrity. I always felt comfortable and not stupid asking anything! And believe me – when it comes to health, I like to know reasons behind what and why I was eating certain foods. And to no avail, Michelle always had scientific answers to my questions.

I started with Michelle with self doubt. Note – self doubt in my ability not Michelle’s ability as a coach. I conquered this self doubt and actually did a double flip to absolute confidence. Once I had started my regime, I began to notice quite a lot of change, not only physical, but mentally – I have never felt stronger. Michelle provided me with a fantastic weight training program and cardio program. I am not a lover of cardio, but I would actually look forward to performing cardio as they are different and actually fun! My weights program was individually designed too. I’ve always had problems with trying to develop shoulder width and size – well I can guarantee that my shoulders have changed into a lovely shape that I am most proud of. Oh and my legs have shaped up nicely too!

The other significant change was my strength in the gym. Here I am, “dieting” for a competition, but actually getting physically powerful in the gym. I keep a diary of my workouts and can say hand on heart that I was hitting personal bests as the months went by.

Now I know you are reading this thinking “yeah right” but in all honesty – all of the above is true. Like I mentioned, it hasn’t been “easy”. I get up at the crack of dawn, perform cardio, I work fulltime, I weight train, I have my meals pre-frozen,I have people surrounding me with temptation. Because I was not feeling nutritionally deprived, temptation was not a concern for me. I actually feel that those around me were deprived from my meals!!!

I set out to reach a goal and told Michelle I would do anything to achieve it, and I have. But to keep looking and feeling as vibrant and healthy as I am was a total shock to me, my family and my friends. I am a convert and know I am going to be a member of Nazafit for a very long time. Michelle is inspirational, motivating and down right beautiful, unique and genuine person, who will look after you in a very holistic fashion.

Apart from my gorgeous fiancé and close friends, I have so much support from Michelle and the Nazafit team, this fact made my preparation so much more effortless. Support can be interpreted in many forms, I just found that the Nazafit way carried me through to present myself not only on stage, but in LIFE with vitality, strength and grace.