David Nazaroff’s Prep


Hi there,
I just wanted to share a photo of my husband David Nazaroff who prepared for this years body buidling shows on board an FPSO offshore of Western Australia. He worked 3 weeks on 1 week off for the last 6 months and started his day at 3am to get his cardio in before his 12 hour day started followed by a gym workout and another cardio session.
The gym onboard the boat was only 7m x 7m and the equipment was extremely basic. David made the best food choices possible. He said the variety and amount of food was impressive but sticking with lean meats, vegetables, salad, fruit, nuts, fish and brown rice etc was the key. David’s condition shows that if you put the work in consistently and eat whole unprocessed foods you can get into amazing condition no matter where you are.
David has now started designing eating plans and training plans for us at Nazafit as his roster has become a little more family friendly. This is so exciting for everyone as his passion and knowledge is second to none.

Get Fit From Within

Michelle xx