Client Spotlight – Shannon

Now a word from another of our successful client’s, Shannon, about her experience with Nazafit:

Isn’t it always a little overwhelming when you decide to compete to select a coach that you can trust and feel confident with to get you on stage in your best shape? That’s pretty much how I felt when I decided to compete again, as there were so many trainers offering comp prep! Well, I have to say I am so happy I made the right choice with Michelle as my coach.

Now if I said my prep was easy, I would be lying. But everyone that has competed, knows that NO comp prep is ever easy.
The food plans and exercise programs Michelle provided are fantastic and very detailed and all the meal plans were very personal to me. Michelle was always mindful of ensuring I was eating food that I enjoyed and would substitute items if required.

The thing I liked the most in working with Michelle was that she was always so approachable and anytime I had a question or needed clarity on a part of my prep I could phone or email her anytime. I was always amazed at the speed of reply!! I also loved the way Michelle ensured that I regularly kept her updated with progress shots and how I was feeling each week. Now I would say sometimes I wasn’t always the A+ student and would miss sending through my updates, however Michelle would always follow up with a quick email to check that everything was okay (not that this was her responsibility!!).

The service Michelle provided during my comp prep was faultless! Michelle has been professional in everything and ensured I had everything detailed right down to my tanning, full details for the last week prep and phone calls on the day of the show to see how I was tracking. I felt supported 110% of the way to the stage. The icing on the cake for me was also when Michelle and Jeh flew to Queensland to personally meet, train and do posing lessons with QLD Team Nazafit. Don’t know too many other online coach’s who do that!

Michelle as well as being a fantastic coach is also a genuinely caring person who leads by example. I really admire both Michelle and David – They are true athletes and practice what they preach!! The amazing thing is Michelle coached and prepared a team of calls at the same time as preparing for her own shows!!!! Thank you Michelle for all your support and guidance throughout my comp prep. The results speak for themselves đŸ™‚