Healthy Living Club

Cyndi O’Meara will soon be releasing a membership program and a healthy living club on her website.

The Healthy Living Program consists of four types of habit changes;

  • Life Habits, which includes relationship and purpose of life,
  • Financial Habits, to get you out of the red and into investing and having more money at the end of the week instead of not enough money at the end of the week,
  • Health Habits, to give you more energy, vitality and health, and
  • World Habits, to help not only yourself but the planet. Each habit though, has the potential of changing all four areas. For example a life habit of just smiling instead of frowning can increase immune function and health and a smile has the potential to help another human being. It’s like magic!

If you would like to be one of the first to find out when the “Healthy Living Club & the Healthy Living Program” is launched, fill out the form here to be notified when it’s ready to be released.

Get fit from within,

Michelle xx