Catherine Gallo

Well so much to say, here goes. Back in late 2009 I was sitting on facebook and next think I noticed a name on a friends page, Michelle Nazaroff, I though hang on I have read that name somewhere, then BOOM, Oxygen story. I thought I have to contact this woman, I wonder if she would accept a friend request. I remember thinking no way why would she, she has been in Oxygen she wouldn’t have time, never the less I requested and added in a story of myself to her and my journey thus far with obesity and weight loss. With in hours she accepted me but not only that she sent me a reply. I had asked for her help and she wanted to. I was blown away. Before I knew it I was signed up and Michelle designed a nutritional plan just for me. Yes I had lost 65 kilos on my own but Michelle bought to light that the reason I was STUCK was lack of nutrition and NOT ENOUGH CALORIES, WHAT!!!

I noticed change straight away in my body but in my energy and get up and go. We spoke on the phone and formed an instant friendship which I hold very dear to me, she was so caring and knowledgable, and to some it up a REAL PERSON. Michelle then designed a weight program for me and then it was off to her place to have a workout and go through the program. I was fortunate for Michelle to introduce me to another amazing woman, Rae Cattach before I knew it Rae and I were on our road trip to Michelle’s. I never forget when she opened her door, picture this ME, 5ft 2 inches – Michelle 5ft 10 inches, so funny I looked up and up, I remember her words to me, wow you are tiny. Needless to say great workout, great conversation and did I mention LOADS OF TALKING J We seem to never be lost for words. I want to take this opportunity to thank Michelle for not only believing in me but for giving me the opportunity to form amazing life long bonds and friendships with such amazing people in this industry, my life is so much richer for it. As we always say, so nice to be surrounded with LIKE MINDED people.

I finally have taken the plunge and have no more excuses to achieve my ultimate personal success to commence my 1st Competition preparation with Michelle and the Nazafit team for the October shows. I am not scared or doubtful, yet Excited, Inspired and so ready to go. As Fern said you follow the plan you have 150% trust and faith in your coach and you stick to it, and I tell you right now, I have all of these in Michelle and in my ability to follow this through to fruition with “VITALITY, STRENGTH & GRACE”