Miss Tank (Fern)

DESPERATE – [adjective] arising from or marked by despair or loss of hope; “a despairing view of the world situation”; “the last despairing plea of the condemned criminal”; “a desperate cry for help”; “helpless and desperate”

TO say I was desperate is correct. I had a terrible time for most of 2009 with my health. After seeing two “specialist” to try and solve my symptoms, I really became worse. Supposedly diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes, I really knew deep down that there was more to it as my symptoms worsened over a period of three months. I was desperate for someone to help me. I am a bodybuilder, I’ve never been a “small” girl, I have pretty dense muscle base – my problem was my health, not my weight.

I heard of Michelle Nazaroff , seen the photo’s of her on stage and then read her story. I thought to myself if this amazing women can battle through her health with a heart condition and still come out of it on top – she must be doing something right, you know “living example” of what the right type of nutrition and training can do for the human body.

Physique Winner INBA All Female Muscle & Fitness Classic

So I contacted Michelle in November 2009. We pretty much hit it off straight away. I went to Michelle with my health as the first and most important aspect of my life to get right. I’m a happy person, and never let anything “get to me” (i.e. how i look etc) but I knew deep down that the Dr’s providing me with the assistance I required.

Michelle got me onto Juice Plus and also taught me how the right nutrient dense foods would assist me in my plea to get my health back on track. For me – it really isn’t about losing weight, it was about my health and getting it back to it’s optimum self!!!

I have achieved this goal in as little time as 3 months. Having a bodybuilding background, I KNOW what I need to do, I just required someone with the right knowledge and support to help me and Michelle has done this in flying colours!!

I’ve decided to compete in 2010, most importantly (and other competitors will be nodding “yes” with me) I know that POST comp – my state of health and mind will be in the right frame.

I have never felt better, I am full of energy, I am strong in body and mind, I can honestly say I’m at the fittest I’ve ever been, and I am getting nice comments regarding my hair, skin and nails!!!

Michelle (and the Nazafit team) are so supportive. Michelle understands situations and provides plans to suit your lifestyle. She is easy to talk too and I never feel intimidated to ask her anything. Most of all – she is an educator. I know I said this above, but I’ve learnt a lot from Michelle and know I will continue learning as I’m a Nazafit client for life! (sucked in Michelle you’re stuck with me!!)