Rebecca Leigh

Rebecca came to me for an eating plan to help her get back to her pre comp condition. Rebecca had an Inflammed burser in left hip, which can be become worse with too much cardio. Anything faster than a moderate pace seems to aggravate it so she was unable to train or do cardio. Even with this challenge, Rebecca’s determination to taking back control and improving her physique was so strong, this transformation so far has been done with diet alone. I want to showcase her to show that if people have an injury or medical problem they can get massive change with diet alone. Rebecca now feels on top of the world.

Rebecca has been on our plans for 16 weeks but again no cardio or weight training has been done. We have been focusing on lifting her nutrient profile and regenerating her from a cellular level. Cardio is now able to be brought in and we expect some great results over the next 8 weeks. Watch this space!!

This morning I nearly cried when I looked at my photos that I sent you 16 weeks ago. I was not in a good place. What I have achieved in 16 weeks has truly amazed me.

That day that I took those before photos my body was in really bad shape. After competing in my first competition – I was rundown, my hormone levels were shot, I was suffering from depression and I managed to stack on an insane amount of weight in a short space of time which I was having a lot of trouble shifting. I honestly was at an all time low on so many levels.

The first time I received your nutrition plan, I was gobsmacked at how detailed it was. I have enjoyed every meal so far. And if anyone says that healthy food is bland and boring obviously hasn’t tried one of your recipes! Everything is so yummy!

If people want to know if your nutrition plans work, all they need to do is look at my photos. My results are purely from diet and very little exercise. I am eating a variety of foods giving my body the nutrients that it needs. I am over the moon with the transformation that I have made so far – I have lost weight, I am no longer depressed, my hormone levels are normal and I feel on top of the world!

Michelle you have been so supportive and caring since I have joined the Nazafit team which truly means a lot to me. I don’t feel like I’m a ‘number’ or ‘just another client’. I really do feel like I am part of a team. Thank you for everything so far, Ive got a long road ahead with many goals that I want to achieve and I know without any doubt in my mind that you’ll be behind me every step of the way.