New Look Website

A big hello to everyone and a big thank you to Rae Cattach for developing the new look Nazafit website. We will be upgrading it more and more so stay tuned for exciting things to see and learn.

I want to share with you all a couple of pics from an amazing class I went to today with an even more amazing woman named Michelle from Food in the Nude.

Michelle from Food in the Nude teaches you how to live the high – raw lifestyle for greater vitality. The class was called a vibrant start and we learnt to make a number of whole food raw breakfasts which all tasted outstanding.

There are two new classes coming up called Winter in the Raw where you will learn to eat more raw while staying warm this winter.

I will be there with bells on so come and join me if you are in WA and discover the benefits of adding more raw foods to your daily eating.

The more I have been learning about raw foods the more I am excited about adopting this type of lifestyle. We simply get more bang for our buck from a nutrient point of view and in this day and age with all the food processing and additives to just name a few we really need to maximise this for our health and vitality. With this in mind I am in the process of developing a high raw detox plan which will be great for competitors coming out of a traditional prep or for those who wish to cleanse and revitalise from within. I will keep you all posted on the progress of this plan.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and

Get Fit From Within

Michelle xx