Update on our “Get Fit From Within” client, Amber Day

Here is Amber Day.

Amber was our “get fit from within” transformation on our transformation page. Here is the link to her page where you can see Amber’s starting point.

These are some photos of her now and as you can she she looks amazing. Amber has embraced the Nazafit Lifestyle with both arms and has been continuing on with her transformation journey.

I really want to show women out there that my plans are for life not just a short period of time. There are six elements to the Nazafit lifestyle and they are

  • Breath
  • Optimum Hydration
  • Enhanced Wholefood Nutrition
  • Revitalising Exercise
  • Sleep & Recovery
  • Positive Thoughts

I will elaborate more on the elements of the Nazafit lifestyle in the coming days, so please keep coming back to read more.

Get fit from within,

Love Michelle xx