Sam Dunbar

Being 5 years since stepping on the stage I knew from my past comp experience that I wanted a coach to take me through my ‘comeback’ prep. I have coached myself in the past and been coached before and my experience proved how hard it was to be objective, and I would make decisions against my better judgement.

Michelle ticked all the boxes for me, I had changed a lot since my last comp, I had a son and our health was impor tant, I had my own organic veggie garden and placed my son and our health above any comp prep and Michelle, also a mother and living a holistic lifestyle, was on my ‘wavelength’! Michelle is a wealth of knowledge and was determined to see me achieve my goals. She made the comp prep work around my life, rather than, my life around the comp prep.

I have to say it was the easiest prep I have ever done. Apart from having a super busy life and having no spare time to think about the prep, cardio was minimal until the last month or so where of course I did the hard yards – the condition I achieved doesn’t come for free, I ate more food than any prep I had previously tried, and had more variety from all food groups in my diet than ever before, and the result, I was leaner and harder than ever before!

I feel like I did it WITH Michelle, I knew she wanted it for me as much as I did. When I was worried she put my mind at ease, and when I needed to channel a competitive streak she not only encouraged me, she worked on my attitude and helped me take it home. A genuine person she cared for my health and wellbeing at the end of the day that’s most important.

My goal was to get an invite to the 2012 Arnold Sports Carnival in Ohio, and well my 1st place at the IFBB Australasians ensured I made the team, we did it! I can tell you right now that Michelle is who I want to get me ready for March 2012!