LadyShip LS-658 Organic Essence Extractor

Recently I attended the Everywoman Expo at the Perth Convention Centre with my mum and came across this fantastic new kitchen appliance by a company called LadyShip an innovative 30 year old company from Taiwan.

The LadyShip LS-658 Organic Essence Extractor is perfect for what we do at Nazafit and is easy to use and cost effective to buy at RRP$399.95.

It has a unique award winning patented filter system that converts the jar from being a food processor / blender into a juicer, nut milk machine, coffee grinder, smoothie maker, ice crusher and much more… it will replace up to 9 machines in the kitchen.

The LS-658 easily blends, juices, macerates, grinds, chops and mixes, whole fruits, vegies, nuts, grains, seeds, ice and much, much more… and YES its easy to clean!

You will be amazed… faster, more efficient and cost effective than similar appliances, it saves time, money and valuable kitchen space.

LadyShip Australia is locally supported at a national level with its head office located here in Perth, with spare parts, service and customer support easily available.

The owners Mark & Holly Shepherd are friendly supportive people who have similar health and wellbeing values to Nazafit.

Keep a look out on my Facebook page as I will be uploading more recipes using the LadyShip.

If you would like to order or read more, please click on this link.