David Nazaroff in the Raw

Hi there everyone,

We hope you are all really well and feeling amazing.

You may have seen on our facebook that David and I have adopted a high raw lifestyle and I have to say we are loving it. We have been eating this way for some time and our health and fitness is going through the roof.

I want to share with you all a pic of David yesterday to show what he is looking like eating high raw and training really well.
David is holding this condition easily and his body is functioning optimally. David is not losing any strength in the gym which is fantastic.
David is living proof that it is more than what you eat it is what you absorb that counts.
I encourage you all to add in at least one green smoothie or green juice per day as this will start you off in the right direction and I can not encourage you enough to research the benefits of adding in more raw living foods into your daily eating plan and fitness plan.

Get Fit From Within

Michelle and David xx