Transformation – Nathan Lord

At the beginning of this year, my 30th birthday year, I realized I wanted to be in the best shape ever for my big 3 – 0!! As someone who has always trained and watched their diet I never really achieved the physical conditioning I wanted.

I first met Michelle in 2002, were she was kind enough to employ me as a first year PT. whilst training myself I would quite often see Dave training in the gym and that’s where I quickly became inspired to achieve the type of conditioning that a natural body builder possessed.

After not being in the fitness industry for seven years but still having the drive and physical training techniques, I was lacking the nutritional knowledge needed to achieve my 30th goal. Being an ex-personal trainer I was used to following an old school method of dieting, which when I look back now I can see where I was going so wrong.

Seeing as though my current diet hadn’t given me these results, I decided it was time to find someone who could help me achieve my goal, not only by talking the talk but walking the walk themselves. That’s where I came across a Nazafit flyer on the counter of a local supplement store and contacted Michelle the next day to book an appointment with her.

I had my first meeting with Michelle and David and told them of my goal and what I wanted to achieve and that’s where my journey began.

We decided that to get into the condition I wanted I needed to start 15 weeks out from my 30th birthday date. Michelle and Dave put together an easy to follow eating plan and a not so easy cardio plan for me to add to my current weight training regime. At first I questioned the program they were giving me, with the amount of cardio and the fairly high number of calories I was struggling to except their concept, because of my old school bodybuilding methodology. But then again I had never really achieved what I wanted to by doing it my way, so I embraced the idea and started my 15 week challenge.

As each week past and I was seeing my body starting to change I realised these guys really knew what they were on about and that’s when I started to trust the program.

I was meeting with Michelle every two weeks to weigh in and get my skinfolds done and she was never more than a phone call away if I needed any help or guidance, this I found very helpful.

I am very pleased with my results and without the help from Michelle and Dave I don’t think I would have ever achieved my goal.

Thanks again for all your help, support and knowledge, you both have changed the way I think about nutrition for ever.