Testimonial – Tracy Woods

Thanks so much Michelle for helping me to achieve these fantastic results and in such a short time. Your 12 week “Get Fit From Within” program can give amazing results, but if it’s not possible to combine training and cardio as well, then the nutrition program alone can also give great results.

I had been struggling with my nutrition and fitness since having minor surgery just over 12mths ago. My weight and moods were up and down like a yoyo and I felt lethargic and unhealthy. While I was feeling like this I also could not be bothered providing healthy meals for my family.

I contacted Michelle via the Nazafit website and she was only too happy to help. So I began the 12 Week “Get Fit From Within” online program.

I began the program thinking that I didn’t have any injuries or restrictions, but soon realised this wasn’t so. Throughout this program I could say I was never 100% injury free. There were times when I could do my cardio but couldn’t train hard or heavy, then times when I couldn’t do either and really had to rest for the week or longer. During these times (yes there was more than one!) when I got really frustrated, Michelle was always positive and understanding but insisted that if I kept up good nutrition I would still get results. This was a “lifestyle change” – yes Michelle, I still hear you say this!

So I followed my nutrition plan pretty well, which wasn’t that hard as the food is (as everyone says) really yum! There is quite a variety of foods and lots of flavours. I can only think of one recipe that had to grow on me, the rest I really liked straight up.

I have to say that I am really quite surprised at how much body fat I lost as I could not complete my training, but this goes to show what an amazing program Nazafit has to offer. Nutrition plays such an important part of our health and well being and I am so thankful to Michelle for getting me to where I am now. I have heaps more energy and just generally feel healthier (and I don’t have to keep wearing my elastic waisted tracky dacks!)

(just to make clear that my injuries were not related to my training in any way at all!!