Transformation – Andrea Nuttall

Health and fitness has always been an interest of mine…I love reading about it, learning about it and most of all enthusing about those incredible people who have succeeded in making it a part of their lifestyle.

I would look at the women in Oxygen magazine with awe and wonder how they did it. They must be made of different stuff to me – perhaps they were blessed with high metabolisms, perhaps they had been sporty since school, or perhaps they were just born that way! Whatever they had, it felt unachievable for me – I had written myself off.

At 37 I felt I was too old to make big changes to my body and having had 5 big beautiful babies I thought my body must be just about ready to give up on!

At this time I was really not looking after myself at all – I was self medicating with food and alcohol and the result was that I was lethargic, unmotivated and short tempered.

After a trip back to England to visit friends and family last September I was shocked to see myself in the photos I downloaded. It didn’t look like the person I thought I was and certainly not the person I wanted to be…I was overweight, out of shape and bloated! This was the shock I needed to get me to take action. I started trawling the internet visiting bodybuilding websites and communicating with people in the forums. A name that kept coming up was Michelle Nazaroff. I was intrigued about working with her but assumed she would just work with athletes – after all, the woman at the health store said she thought Michelle was ‘the best in the business’ when I mentioned her!

I felt totally inspired and motivated when I visited Michelle’s website and blown away when I saw the transformations she had been responsible for. Michelle’s physique amazed me and I loved the healthy attitude she had towards achieving these spectacular results. I signed up straight away and filled in the in depth questionnaire that Michelle sent me as quickly as I could – I couldn’t wait to get started!

Michelle sent me a fantastic 2 day eating plan with delicious foods and even recipes to follow – no plain unpalatable foods in sight – something which was crucial for me as I love my food! Everything was broken down in detail and explained. Recommended supplements and other tips and advice were also included.

Well that was the beginning of my new beginning! The weight started to come off straight away and after only a few weeks my clothes started to hang off me…I couldn’t believe I was eating so much delicious food , never feeling hungry and still dropping kilos!

As the weight and the fat started to go, so did a lot of the negativity I was carrying around with me. I felt so much more energetic, content and optimistic. I was able to get up earlier with a spring in my step, have more energy and patience with my children and I just became a nicer person to be around.

Michelle was a constant source of support and advice and sending her weekly food logs aswell as 4 weekly measurements and photos made me accountable for my work and progress which really helped.

At the end of 12 weeks I have lost 14kg, 16 cm off my hips and 13.5cm off my waist. I have gone from a large size 14 to a small size 10 and it has all happened so easily!

I feel like a minor celebrity at my gym now…I had been going there for 3 years never making any progress or changes and all of a sudden I look like a different person! Everyone asks me what my secret is and I have to say it is Michelle Nazaroff!! Her plans really work and I endorse her plans 100%. I hope to work with her long into the future and would love to reach my ultimate goal of getting up on stage in a figure competition before my 40th birthday!

I have never met Michelle and we live on opposite sides of the country but I hope to meet her one day and thank her in person for the wonderful changes she has helped me make in my life. My journey is just beginning but one thing is for sure – the Nazafit lifestyle is here to stay!

Thank you Michelle! xx