Nic Brown Nazafit Total Body Transformation

It is with great pleasure that I share with you Nic Browns amazing journey and transformation. I have loved working with Nic as her dedication and determination is amazing and I truly thank you Nic for trusting in the process and embracing the Nazafit Live Food Lifestyle 100% and the results speak for them self. You have a huge future in the sport of Natural Bodybuilding and I am excited to see you on stage next year.

Love your coach and friend

Michelle xx

Happy reading everyone and I hope this inspires you to take massive action!!!

Firstly I apologise as making this testimonial short and sweet was impossible as I am too passionate about this journey and finding something I love so much….so make a cup of tea and sit down and have a read……


I’ve trained on and off since I was 18 years old. Over the years I have developed a love for being in the gym just as much as my first true love of horse riding. I’ve had many personal trainers who have helped me along the way


Unfortunately during the times I haven’t been training I’ve also had fluctuating weight, especially since having children. Stupidly I think I may have tried every “quick fix” diet or pill or shake that’s been marketed


In early 2011 stress led me to lose 10kgs really rapidly over a matter of weeks and I continued to train hard during this period. It was such an unhealthy way to lose weight yet I was happy that I had.  In reflection my body gave me many many warning signs to slow down, but I was at a point I wasn’t listening. I had bought a treadmill and was training hard at the gym plus running twice a day. By this stage I was dabbling in eating better and had came across a few books that had been recommended to me by David Wolfe and various other books detailing Wonderfoods and Superfoods…..However, after one particular training session I felt a niggle in my foot whilst doing one legged calf raises, there was a moment I knew something didn’t feel right but didn’t think of it again for rest of day…..I went home to do my nightly run and not only could I not run on the treadmill I also couldn’t walk……Never in my life had I broken a bone but after a few weeks doctors confirmed I had fractured my foot and later after it didn’t heal a specialist confirmed it was broken


I kept training whilst wearing a super sexy moon boot to the gym but cardio had been pretty much halted and I watched unhappily as my weight start to creep back up and I would eat to compensate…. I found myself sitting on my butt (that was getting larger lol) googling trainers and raw food one day…..Somehow I got onto a website for Nazafit and was flicking through photos and stories of transformation. I came across one transformation that changed everything for me, Amber Day. I then also saw Michelle’s transformation and her incredible journey and what she beat to be who and where she is….Seeing this I contacted Michelle and commenced a 12 weeks get fit from within online eating and training programme. I loved the structure of being given an exact plan and recipes to follow and to be accountable to someone. Through Michelle I learnt so much more about whole foods and how much I had been more or less starving my body from the nutrients it needed. I struggled in the first few weeks with how much food I actually needed to eat  


Learning a healthier way to eat has helped me provide my children with better choices also, while my youngest may be harder to convince my daughter loves trying the food I eat and I watch her now make her own food at times and see even a 9 year old can take onboard the healthier lifestyle…… I wish more parents would adopt a healthier way for their children also, but failing that teaching the children to eat better and avoid foods which create health problems as they get older.


Meeting Michelle forged new amazing friendships for me and over this time I got to meet my initial inspiration Amber Day and her husband Gary Ahern. It also opened my eyes to the world of body building and Gary would tease me frequently about competing to which I would constantly fob him off and flatly say NO WAY…it became a running joke between us. Along came the first INBA competition for the year and I decided helping backstage would be as close as I intended on getting. I helped Gary and Amber for two comps and I really enjoyed it, I had always loved turning out show horses for big shows and found this very similar. I hate to admit it but it was at the second comp I was helping at I felt something that made me think I wouldn’t mind being onstage myself but I knew I was too scared to actually get up there in front of a crowd and my shyness would hold me back


September comps were looming and I would turn 35 years old 3 days before the INBA comp….. Sam Attrill, WA INBA President had mentioned introducing a bikini model 35 years and over. Plus there was fitness model 30 years and over. Plus there would be a comp in Bali which sounded like a fun holiday for the “Nazafit Crew”… 8 weeks out I decided was time to beat being the shy kid….. With Michelle as a coach and the focus so locked in that I would have the best body I could possibly have if I had to step in front of a crowd wearing a teeny tiny bikini the change in my body blew my own mind. Bikini Model was out of the question as my body was musclier than I realized once the flab was gone!! There 

is no denying I have the best coach who knows her stuff. I was told to trust the process and I did and to watch your own body change daily leading into each comp fascinated me…..


I guess we can say the rest is history……. Four comps over six weeks, two state wins (INBA) and a second (NABBA), top five (fourth) at nationals (INBA) in Melbourne and an International win in Bali. More important than those wins there is an itch, to get back up there again even better than this year, the focus of more comps next year training with such an amazing lady! And being part of the Nazafit Team with friendships I will always cherish