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You Can…Live the Life of Your Dreams provides a simple 10-week program with easy steps to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams. Packed full of inspirational stories from entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, TV talk show guests and everyday people, 13 experts share their knowledge and proven techniques that really work!

You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams will guide you to:

  • Turn your dreams into reality
  • Program yourself for success and wealth $$$
  • Develop your winner’s mindset and explode your self-confidence
  • Build amazing relationships with yourself and others
  • Transform your life
  • Live the life you want, you deserve and can now have

Written by Australia’s Success Coaches, Best Selling Authors, Key Note Speakers  and Corporate Trainers, join the thousands already inspired by this book and unlock the Secrets to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality…The time is right now to Live the Life of Your Dreams.

Authors: Julie Gibson, Rachel Anastasi, Jennifer Burrows, Brigette Sigley, Angelina Cirelli- Salomone, Bertram Daniel, Natasa Denman, Michelle Nazaroff, Claire Flynn, Fiona Lukeis, Britt Watson and Hament Chavda

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