Kylie Wilson a Nazafit Success Story

Why did you choose to “Get Fit from Within” with Nazafit?

I chose to “Get Fit from Within” firstly due to being inspired by Michelle Nazaroff! After coming across and exploring the Nazafit website and reading about Michelle’s story as well as the client testimonials I was immediately inspired and wanted this for myself, as I was sick of always feeling tired and always dieting! I booked an appointment with Michelle straight away. Meeting Michelle in person is even more motivating & inspiring you can see she practices what she preaches and just seeing how healthy, strong, vibrant she is & has SO much knowledge! She has been a role model to me and someone I definitely look up to as I prepare for my first bodybuilding competition with Michelle as my coach!

I also chose Nazafit as I personally prefer the ‘natural’ approach to living and eating and this is what you are getting with the Nazafit team! I did not want to put any ‘crap’ into my body! I am eating real live foods with Nazafit and the recipes are absolutely delicious – I have loved every single recipe and look forward to each meal!!

 What did you gain on your Nazafit journey?

So many things to name but what stands out is the knowledge and awareness I have gained about proper nutrition and how much more you can get out of your body & life if you fuel your body with all the vitamins and nutrients that it needs J Healthy living & eating has been a priority of mine in the last few years however I did not realise how uneducated I was (and was getting a lot wrong) – I got most of my tips and advice from listening to the media, reading magazines, advice from so-called ‘experts’ etc, but it was not until I followed Michelle & Nazafit’s eating plan that I have never felt better and saw some amazing changes in my body not just on the outside but I really feel great on the inside. If you are feeling good on the inside I believe this radiates out to others around you as feel confident, full of energy and have a great attitude & positive outlook on things. I have changed my way of thinking from not being a ‘skinny’ girl but to being strong, fit and healthy thanks to Michelle.

My Nazafit success I am most proud of is?

Changing my outlook and thinking and I am proud that I am 100% dedicated to making health a priority in my life and looking after my body. This is knowledge I will have for life and will hopefully be able to educate and inspire others.