Melissa Canham a Nazafit Success Story

Why did I choose to “Get Fit From Within” with Nazafit?

I chose Nazafit because I wanted to take my nutrition to another level. I was excited about Michelle’s approach to live food nutrition. I wanted to lose a few kgs to present at a national group fitness summit in Sydney. I was amazed at the way my body changed after just one month. I was also surprised by the increase in my energy levels and mental clarity.

I decided to then try the get fit from within plan to prepare for my first bodybuilding completion in September 2012.

 What did I gain from my Nazafit journey?

My Nazafit journey was very empowering teaching me many things about nutrition and giving a new sense of confidence to achieve goals I’d previously only dreamt about.

 My Nazafit success I am most proud of is?

I’m very proud of competing in my first bodybuilding competition and learnt a lot from the experience. Michelle is very knowledgeable, inspirational and personable. She is very aware of the challenges in life and was realistic about the goals I wanted to achieve. I feel extremely fortunate to have met her and look forward to working with her in the future on some new goals.