Nic Brown a Nazafit Success Story

Why did you choose to “Get Fit From Within” with Nazafit?

I had tried many gimmicky quick fixes and after an injury and already finding direction into superfoods and whole foods coming across the Nazafit website was the best thing I’ve ever done……

What did you gain on your Nazafit journey?

Many things…. Knowledge, health, the best body I’ve ever had, friendship, crazy escapades (even in different countries with the Nazafit crew by my side!!) and most importantly conquering one of my biggest fears as per my proudest success below – the titles and trophies accompanying the condition the Nazafit lifestyle brings is simply a major bonus!!

My Nazafit Success I am most proud of is?

No question…… Take a gawky, uncoordinated, shy country girl terrified of being the focus of attention on a stage….. Strip her into a bikini……  But I did it!!! Stepped onstage at my first body building comp 3 days after my 35th birthday in September!!! And stepping off 6 weeks later and 4 comps with results I could have only ever dreamt about!!