Transformation Journey Lauren Heerey

Early 2012 I decided I needed a goal. I decided to jump right in and enter a INBA competition that was due to be held in September.

A self-appointed ‘gym junkie’, I already knew a bit about lifting and hit the gym several times per week. I used to think I ate well and had a handle on what I should put in my mouth and how I should train, however, looking back at pictures of myself, I see I needed some direction.

I was given Michelle’s name by a friend and got in touch. After an in-depth questionnaire and discussion on my current diet and training, Michelle drew to my attention all the nutrient deficiencies I had. What an eye-opener!

Days later my first comp prep training program and diet was in my inbox and I started immediately.

After only a few days on a nutrient rich plan I was feeling amazing inside. It’s almost difficult to describe just how healthy I soon felt. Along with this overall feeling of wellness, I know I became a better, more positive person. There’s just so much to smile about when your insides are happy and you feel so healthy!

I wanted to compete in a Figure class, but this was not to be. It was tough prep full of weights sessions and cardio I had to fit in with my full time job – but I loved a challenge and enjoyed the prep Michelle set for me. About two weeks out from the competition my body decided I’d pushed it a little too hard but I still went on to compete in the Bikini Tall class and had a ball doing so!

The competition was certainly my highlight of 2012. I learnt so much about myself this year during the prep and have learnt so much about nutrition from Michelle and the other Nazafitters I met along the way. I am absolutely confident in my ability to create wholesome recipes for myself and have embraced the raw lifestyle. The amount of knowledge I gained from Michelle on training and eating is so valuable to me and I thank her so much for taking me on!

My sights are now set on continuing this clean eating lifestyle, and I am focussing my sights on future competitions, slowly building up to my ultimate goal which is to one day compete in a Figure class.