Transformation Journey Tracey Marshall

Tracey Marshall 12 Week Transformation

My name is Tracey and I am a recovering Over-Eater. These words hurt as I write them but honest. In November 2011 I finally admitted that I had a problem with food and how my habits were out of control. Food was ruling me, a sign there is an issue to confront. This wasn’t a new issue in my life, but one that had developed over 25 years when I finally revealed the truth to myself.

I attended some Overeaters Anonymous meetings and sought guidance from some mentors in the group who had also battled this illness, and as supportive as that all was, I knew meetings were not the only solution for me.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced (by a mutual friend) to Michelle Nazaroff in February 2012 and from there many positive changes began for me. With Michelle’s advice, I purchased a Ladyship (Blender) and for the first time introduced high nutrient based foods to my diet including protein shakes, lemon zinger detox drinks and even raw Bolognese. These were food groups I had never dreamed of before and I was delighted to incorporate them into the household on a daily basis.

I then consulted in April with Michelle to discuss the 12 week programme offered. Physically, I was in desperate need to start a fitness and diet programme as I was climbing quickly to being nearly 10 kilos overweight. Emotionally however, I was not ready and I stop started over a number of weeks, failing myself at every turn and feeling worse than I was. I then realised that to start this programme I had to work out the deep emotions that were causing me to over eat and to try and combat these allowing me to move on. With this realisation, I attended 8 weeks of counselling with a trained professional, who helped me through structured suicide counselling, having lost my dad this way tragically nearly twenty years ago.

Tracey Before
Tracey Before

I am a firm believer that any of us can set out to achieve whatever we can, but some of us do let the past or past events stand in our way. I certainly allowed this when it came to eating. I would sometimes eat 2000 or 3000 calories before 8am in the morning, sneaking off to shops in the car and filling my face with chocolates or bread and feeling absolutely awful for the next few hours only to then try and pretend I was having a ‘normal’ eating day. It was a vicious cycle I had myself in and lying became an everyday event. Very few people in my life were aware for many years I had suffered this, but most were aware I had ‘weight’ issues as I was often trying other advertised weight loss programmes mostly unsuccessful.

Within weeks of the counselling I felt like the weight (pardon the punch) of the world was off my shoulders, as I felt in control again of my mind again and ready to fix other things in my life, mainly my health and fitness.

In July, I was ready to start Michelle’s programme and I planned my food, my exercise, and set myself some mini goals along the way. I had 12 weeks exactly until our family holiday in Dubai & Scotland and I was determined to get to a healthy 60 kilos. I weighed in Day 1 at 69.4 kilos, but I welcomed the challenge and faced it head on. I got myself a trainer twice a week as I had never ever done any weights or resistance training in my life, so that was my biggest ‘exercise’ hurdle. I then spent the next 9 weeks restricting my social life, which meant no ladies lunches and nights out, and I made sure my cheat day didn’t spiral out of control.

The Old Me
The Old Me

The diet plan Michelle customised for me suited me perfectly. I could combine recipes in the Ladyship Blender to enjoy with high nutrient wholesome foods and also enjoy a ‘curry’, lean chicken breast and greens in the wok with some curry paste rather than huge jars of curry sauce, which were high in fat and carbs. Michelle re-trained my brain when it came to food shopping too !

Not only was I on a journey to good health and fitness with Michelle’s 12 week programme, I was putting into practice better shopping skills and eating patterns in the household. I shared a lot of this new nutritional information also with friends and family, with many of them taking up these new lifestyle habits, introducing healthier options into their homes just as we were. I am forever grateful to Michelle for her motivation, knowledge, professionalism and energy she has to help people like me who needed re-educated.

I am happy to say that I completed the 12 week programme, eating balanced meals, training five to six days a week. At the start I was running no more than 5km, now I am running over 13km and planning to run a half-marathon next year before I am 40. I reached my goal weight on the 16th October and even beat it by 1.4 kg! I lost 86cm all over in size and dropped two dress and bra sizes! It feels amazing to see the before and after size charts.

For the first time in years, I went bikini shopping, enjoying a trip to the Bather Bar in Mandurah trying on several different designs all in Size 10! I walked out the shop with two new bikinis ready for our Dubai trip and feeling fantastic. There is no better feeling than that !

Look at me now!
Look at me now!

I know there are many success stories out there on many sites from men and women who have lost a lot more weight than me, but I believe any healthy weight loss should be celebrated no matter how big or small. Introducing healthier eating and regular exercise is vital to every one of us and you can’t do that if you are not informed or educated. Michelle Nazaroff guided me in the right direction and helped me reach this important goal.

I believe I also now have the tools to maintain my healthy weight and by eating properly and keeping exercise in my life as an enjoyment, I will stay that way. Exercise if no longer a ‘chore’ for me but essential in my well-being. With that mind-set, its enjoyable again.

Thank you once again Michelle for helping me get the old Tracey back ! My husband William is glad to see her again !