Nazafit Success Story Justin Burford

IMG_6649From the moment I met Michelle I knew my life had changed for the better. Her unwavering energy, commitment, passion and enthusiasm is matched only by her knowledge of all things nutrition and fitness. The changes I saw in myself on her program in only twelve weeks were startling but the evidence can not only be seen in how I look on the outside but more importantly, how I feel on the inside. This isn’t just another “get in shape for summer” quick fix but rather a complete life and attitude over haul. I honestly could not thank Michelle enough.

Why did I choose to “Get fit from within” with Nazafit

Originally I was given the challenge of losing weight and getting in shape for a film role. My assigned trainer/nutritionist was Michelle and I couldn’t have been luckier. I saw changes almost immediately and the transformation was startlingly rapid and most importantly, completely healthy.

 What did I gain on my Nazafit Journey ?

I gained an insight into a lifestyle that allows me to stay vital, fit and healthy while still enjoying many of the foods I love. I learned balance and although it can be challenging, I have the mindset now of a champion. When my body and mind are fit and healthy, no obstacle is too great. This has proven invaluable when approaching every facet of my life.

My Nazafit success I am most proud of is?

I am most proud of the knowledge I have acquired in both nutrition and fitness training. And of course Im extremely proud of the body it has given me. It is the knowledge however that gives me the power to continue to stay in shape and constantly refine and improve my health and fitness for the rest of my life