Transformation Journey in Progress… Kirsten Thrush

UPDATE 15 Aug 2013

Four weeks to go until the first competition and I am excited!  This competition preparation has been my best one yet.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the variety and taste of food that I Michelle has put in my eating plan.  She has found out what I like and uses that to make sure I enjoy my food and every now and then will change things up so I don’t get bored.

While I am training harder than ever, I have so much energy to do it with.  This has been a surprise given that this has been a bit of a stressful time for me with the removal of a breast lump early in preparation and moving house with six weeks to go.  The nutrients in my diet have helped me manage all of these stresses and still pump out good quality sessions.

Meeting face to face with Michelle on a weekly basis has been an essential key in making this preparation what it has been. I find these sessions help me to measure my progress but more importantly they are a motivation and enthusiasm injection and reassurance that everything is on track.
I am excited at this stage in the process to be seeing changes every day and am looking forward to getting on stage the best me that I can possibly be!
We will update you with pictures post competition as Kirsten graces the stage. Kirsten has to be the most enthusiastic and joyful client. Good luck Kirsten! Keep up the great work!

02 June 2013


I first competed August 2011.  I loved watching my body change and I loved being on stage performing for the crowd.  I was hooked. Following this I decided that I wanted to be the best I could for the 2012 season so in January 2012 hired a coach to do my training and eating plans.  I was put on a very strict traditional bodybuilding diet from then until I competed August/September. I had little variety in vegetables, very little fruit, lots of meat and protein shakes with no treat meals.  I was constantly hungry and irritable but really wanted to do well so stuck like glue to my plan.  Added to this I moved countries, started a new job and my daughter was in hospital for the week prior to one of my competitions.  I came into competition lean and looking better than my previous competitions but feeling worn out and was very grumpy (my poor family). I competed in New Zealand in August then changed my coach to a local coach for two Perth competitions during September.

Following my last competition the first thing I did was eat! I didn’t stop for three months. I would eat anything in sight, mostly junk, and still feel hungry and not satisfied.  I was eating a gazillion calories and still hungry.  After looking so good for competition I now looked puffy and bloated. I felt fat and tired and my self esteem hit rock bottom.  None of my clothes fit me and I didn’t want to go out and socialise as I was embarrassed.

How could someone who looked so good on stage look so horrible just a few months later. What would people say…??? Getting asked if I was pregnant by not one but four different people really knocked me around.  I knew I needed to do something to get me out of the rut but I didn’t know where to start.

Late 2012 I approached Michelle from Nazafit and asked her to please help me. She sent me a questionnaire to complete and when she analysed it I was falling way short on many nutrients. No wonder I was constantly hungry, my body was crying out for nutrients.  She put together a nutrient rich eating plan that took account of my food preferences and love of tasty, interesting food.  I couldn’t believe it when I made the meals. They didn’t taste like “bland body building food”. They were delicious!  They included a rainbow of coloured veggies and lots of fruit.  Michelle started me on green smoothies. What a great tasty way to get in lots of nutrients.

DSC02209Within a few weeks my body was feeling better and the bloating starting to go away. Now almost six months later I have energy to burn and am feeling great inside my own skin. I competed in a corporate triathlon in April using green smoothies as my energy source.
I used to do triathlons prior to having kids and would always die on the run.  This time I had so much energy that I loved the run and did the second half quicker than the first.  I have just come back from a weekend away at the beach camping with the family. While away I wore a bikini on the beach and felt great doing so. Six months ago I didn’t feel comfortable wearing a one piece at the beach.

Not only am I feeling great but the family is benefiting too. The kids have a happy, relaxed Mum who likes running around and playing with them and my husband has his wife back instead of the wicked witch.  The kids love it when I make my green smoothies and have some left over so they can have a glass too.  I asked them last night what they wanted for dinner as I was having a treat meal. Their response – frittata like you have please mummy with lots of colourful veggies!


Thanks Michelle! Not only have you given me my body back, the nutrient rich diet I am now eating has given me so much energy and love of life.

I look forward to working with you to step on stage this year in an amazing condition while nourishing my mind and body rather than depleting it.  Even more so I am looking forward to a healthy me post competition. I don’t want to ever end up where I was again.

We are so proud of  Kirsten! 

She has truly embraced the Nazafit lifestyle with delicious, live, nutrient rich food with positive thinking and rejuvenating exercise. We look forward to seeing Kirsten up on stage at the INBA figure competition  later this year when she can show off what the Nazafit lifestyle is really all about! We will be keeping you posted on Kirsten’s transformation progress again before the competition.