Is juicing better than blending?

I get asked this question nearly every day!!

Is juicing better than blending?

I recommend including both every day. Both are amazing, but juice gives you instant energy and nutrients while smoothies take a bit longer to assimilate and require more work from your body.

In a juice you extract the fibre and that is why the delivery is faster so this is a great thing to have post workout with some added protein. You then get a quick hit of nutrients, carbs and protein for recovery.
The smoothie if balanced is great for breakfast as it delivers nutrients slowly, no huge insulin spike and if made with the right combination of ingredients you will have sustained energy release throughout the morning. It is a great way to get raw leafy greens into you and your family right off the bat.

So you can see adding in liquid nutrition in whatever form will benefit your life.

Happy juicing and blending.

Michelle xxx


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