Transformation Journey Leanne McNamara

I initially contacted Nazafit as I had seen Michelle’s amazing transformation in the gym as she prepared for multiple shows in 2009. I was stunned at how lean she was able to get whilst still maintaining muscle, it was by far the best condition I had ever seen her in. I had also been witness to another couples (Amber and Gary) transformation, who both achieved some unbelievable results from following Michelle’s programs. I was sold from this moment on-wards!

I am not a stranger to the body building industry and have a competed a few times with not a lot of achievement other than the ability to get lean enough to get on stage and then swiftly rebound back to “off season” mode again!

My mindset was incredibly rigid on what a competition diet should consist of and I was very skeptical that you could include such variety in your meal plans whilst trying to achieve a lean physique. Boy was I wrong! The eating plans are not only delicious but also very nutrient dense and subsequently I find my body does not crave the junk it once use to.

My goal was, and still is to stay well conditioned all year round without feeling deprived or over-trained. This is where Michelle’s knowledge and guidance has played a monumental influence into the results I have been able to achieve. I cannot thank you enough Michelle for giving me the tools and the support to finally get fit from within!

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