Personal Journeys: Nicole

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In our series of intimate reports and amazing stories from participants in Michelle’s programs, we get to experience the personal aspirations, struggles, insights and successes of Michelle’s clients. Thank you to those who have provided a window into their lives to inspire others.

My name is Nicole.

Dissatisfaction with my overall health and wellbeing was the number one issue for me that led me to start working with Michelle.

I had been attending Nazafit events for several years. And every time I heard Michelle’s story, and the results she’s supported others in achieving, I got motivated and inspired to take another step up in bettering myself. I made the choice to focus on my health and wellness this year and I knew that Nazafit’s 12 Week Total Body Transformation would be the best place for me to start.

It was the combination of personal development work I’d been doing in the previous 12-18 months and Michelle’s “New Year New You” event was the final “push” that got me going.

I had addressed my issues, many, many times. The greatest challenge was that I tried to keep it all on a surface level and not dig deep for the reasons underneath it all and look at what was holding me back from having lasting change.

I’d seen the results of Michelle’s programs and knew the kind of change she could help bring about.

The most appealing aspects were it was tailored to suit me and they provided one-on-one support throughout the entire program.

I recognised that I had the opportunity to change my future…by making the choice to put my health and wellness first – and invest in myself – I could change and create a better version of me.

The greatest challenge I had at the start was the exercise component – I’d never been a fan of the gym and my work hours made it difficult to schedule it in my day. To overcome this, I joined the local requatic centre (so I could have a mix of swimming, using the gym and group classes) and negotiated with my boss to have flexible start times so I could complete my exercise program in the morning before going to work.

I absolutely loved the meal and exercise plans that I received. The fact that they were tailored to suit me (and not some generic off-the-shelf program) was wonderful. The focus on live food nutrition and looking beyond just calories and protein/fats/carbs was really refreshing. All I can say is boy, did Michelle and her team ever deliver!

For me, my defining moment and breakthrough moment came from the same thing…

It was really bothering me that my weight wasn’t dropping – the number on the scale was staying the same week after week and I was getting frustrated. I was following the program and couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong.

Jehanne – my consultant at Nazafit – was amazing. She pointed out the fact that while my weight wasn’t changing, my other measurements certainly were. I had gotten so wrapped up in one measurement that it blinded me to everything else. The changes in my energy levels, the way my clothes fit and how I felt got better and better each week – all indications that changes were happening.

My breakthrough occurred when I realised that one number doesn’t give you a true reflection of what’s happening inside your body… the changes that you can see and feel are much more important than what the scale shows.

When I actually started looking forward to going to the gym and working with weights. After the sessions I felt great and was eager to go again….something I never expected, lol.

The most important discovery about myself was more reinforcing a previous learning than something completely new, which was: be aware of your thoughts because they impact your reality.

I’ll use an analogy to explain… On the TV show “Deal or No Deal” once an offer is given, the contestant can choose to ‘deal’ or go ‘one more’. When I was going through my sets and reps with different machines or weights I’d start getting tired toward the last ones and suddenly the ‘offer’ to finish early popped into my head. So it came down to a choice of ‘deal’ (I can’t do any more reps) or ‘one more’ (I can keep going).

And the choice I made here turned into my reality…if I chose ‘deal’ I actually physically couldn’t keep going; and if I chose ‘one more’ I’d find that extra bit of energy to get me through. Which impacted on my emotions too (chuffed with my efforts VS being disappointed or frustrated). Once I made this connection I was much more aware of the thoughts and choices I was making.

On an emotional level the program definitely gave me a boost to my self-confidence…knowing that I could take action and make positive and lasting change for my health and wellbeing.

I received lots of recognition and compliments. My colleagues were especially supportive…they could see the effort I was making, the results it brought about and encouraged me to keep it up J. Friends I hadn’t seen for a while also noticed and commented on the changes.

The changes in my energy levels, the way my clothes fit and how I felt got better and better each week. And even though my 12 week program has come to an end, I’m committed to continuing my Nazafit journey and take steps each day to move towards “getting fit from within”.

In talking to someone considering taking one of Michelle’s programs, I would say:

Go for it! Choose to invest in yourself and make the change you’ve always wanted to.

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