Gary Ahern a Nazafit Success Story

Why did I choose to “Get Fit From Within” with Nazafit?

I chose to “Get Fit from Within” as a way of supporting my wife Amber in her goals to achieve a healthy body that she was happy with. In supporting Amber, I followed the program as well and was astounded at the results I achieved without really trying.

What did I gain from my Nazafit journey?

My Nazafit journey has taught me the tools needed to eat much better and create a balanced lifestyle. We train smarter, not harder and support our physical lives with fantastic whole food nutrition.

My Nazafit success I am most proud of is?

I used to always say, all I want is my six pack back. Well I’ve had my six pack for about 18months now. In all honesty, the thing I am most proud of, is that Nazafit has enabled me to compete at state, national and international level bodybuilding, and I have been able to share the journey with Amber, and coach and friend Michelle Nazaroff.

Michelle Nazaroff

by Michelle Nazaroff

Michelle Nazaroff is the founder and subject expert of this website. She describes herself as an ordinary woman who has achieved extraordinary results in body, mind and spirit.

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