Newspaper Articles

My Sporting Life

Sound Telegraph Newspaper, Rockingham, Western Australia
“Michelle was born with mild aortic stenosis, which is an abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve. However, she has not let this stop her from achieving her goals in life…”

Diet Provides Strong Body of Evidence

Sound Telegraph Newspaper, Rockingham, Western Australia
“BALDIVIS husband and wife team Michelle and David Nazaroff have won the Overall World Fitness Federation titles at the National Amateur Body Builders Association’s Southern Hemisphere championships….”

Magazine Articles

All Heart – Michelle Nazaroff

REPS Magazine – WA’s own magazine for natural athletes

“In our sport of bodybuilding, many champions are made. We all draw inspiration from great competitors both locally and internationally. However every once in a while, one comes along who shows true strength of character to shine as a true champion. Michelle Nazaroff is one such person….”

Hot Bodz Star Profile – Page 1Page 2Page 3

Natural Bodz Magazine

“Michelle Nazaroff has overcome a life threatening heart condition to become one of the world’s finest female figure competitors…”

Oxygen Fitness Idol

Oxygen Magazine

“Michelle Nazaroff ‘s story is one of fierce determination and incredible triumph over illness. She was dealt an unfair hand in life, being born with mild aortic stenosis, but has defied medical opinion by coming back from life threatening surgery to resume her athletic career on the international stage…”

Hardcore Interview – Page 1 & 2Page 3 & 4Page 5 & 6

Hardcore Aussie Muscle Magazine

“Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank Michelle for her time, her story is truly inspirational. Michelle’s basic philosophy is that when the chips are down then it’s about getting back up and believing in yourself and not listening to everyone else and that bodybuilding can be a healthy sport if you do it right. She is a perfect example of how no matter how bad things look, you can still make the most of a difficult situation if you believe in yourself and surround yourself with positive people. We’d like to wish Michelle all the best for the future, both in competition and in health…”

Out & About Section

Rockingham City Chronical

“Rockingham Resident Michelle Nazaroff has taken silver at the World Fitness Federation International titles held in Germany.”

International Magazine Articles

German Muscle Report

German Muscle Report Magazine

Pictorial of the placegetters at the 2009 NABBA/WFF International Titles….”


Anthony Robbins – “The Power of Crisis”
Michelle is on the “Wall of Inspiration”

“Bodybuilder. Needed open-heart surgery. Depression. Innovative Procedure. Returns to peak physical condition. Wins World title.” – “Never Say Never”

“Michelle Nazaroff is a picture perfect example of how incredible determination and a refusal to take no for an answer can help you overcome extreme obstacles in life and still achieve your dreams. A successful athlete who was told she would never be able to compete again, not only overcame a life threatening surgery and returned to the stage, defying the odds – she returned to the stage a champion!”


2010 NABBA/WFF WA State Championships

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