Michelle Nazaroff

World Champion Body Builder
Qualified C.H.E.K Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach
Master Personal Trainer
Certified IPAC Physique Conditioning Coach
Certified Raw Chef
International Body Building Judge.

Experience and results have enabled Michelle to develop these tried and tested plans that deliver transformation for women in 4-12 weeks.

Transformation & Amazing Stories

There's more to it than meets the eye

The Vitality Hero method combines nutritional products, fitness and good health with one simple vision: To inspire men and women over 40 to get fit from within and become a living testament of health and vitality.

Michelle’s signature range of cold pressed juices infused with plant based protein, superfoods and essential fats providing a nutritionally balanced liquid meal for immediate digestion and absorption.

Plans for Men

A simple plan men can follow at home or at the gym to transform over a 4-12 week period.

How can we best help you?

Are you dealing with weight problems, fatigue, low energy, signs of ageing, health challenges, listlessness or don’t like the way you look?

Chances are the solution lies in the food you eat (or better – don’t eat). The body just can’t function if it does not have the right nutrients. It cannot heal, it cannot rejuvenate and it can’t give you its fullest potential.

Without knowing it, we typically starve ourselves of vital nutrients – especially if we diet – by reducing the amount of food we eat. Our approach, that is used by athletes, bodybuilders and those privy to the secrets of proper nutrition, delivers high value nutrition using the right combination of foods at the right time of day.

Nazafit offers proven holistic and natural health programs that match your personal needs. These are the best and fastest paths to reach your desired health goals.

Plans feature nutrient rich, natural food based solutions anyone can afford to buy at the grocery store, and make with ease following the detailed instructions provided in each program.

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