Taking it to the next level

My name is Steph.

Working FIFO on a 4/1 roster comes with a lack of available nutritious foods. I felt that I needed a professional nutrition plan to help me gain optimum health while working under these demanding conditions.

Seeing friends compete in fitness competitions was very inspiring to me and motivated me to take my health and fitness to a whole new level.

Before I started Michelle’s program I was already eating clean and working out to the best of my knowledge and also following information I found on the internet – but I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted and knew I needed something more personalised.

Steph & Michelle SqMichelle highlighted that I was lacking a lot of nutrients in my diet which was a big eye opener for me. 
I always had a “skinny-fat” body and wanted to achieve a fit and healthy body. I really had no concerns or doubts about the program. Just pure excitement and motivation!!

I loved the variety of food I was given and how good it tasted! Also having balance with the program with one free day per week worked great and made it easy to stick to.

When I had made the decision to compete, I wanted to find a really good coach and get my nutrition and training on track. The moment I came across Michelle and her approach I knew she was the perfect coach for me.

The only real challenge I had was the availability of food when working away from home. Michelle tweaked the plan to suit what I had available and I was still able to achieve fantastic results. I can only imagine how much better they would have been if I could follow the plan 100% living in Perth full-time.

I could really feel that my body was happy and it was showing on the outside as well as the inside. The program and lifestyle improved my life completely.

During the program, I was constantly seeing changes in my body and dropping body fat. I had more energy and clearer skin.Steph_2 sq

Every week I would be amazed by my results and improvements and the increase in my fitness levels.

I learnt that anything is possible with the right program and guidance, consistency and dedication is key.

I definitely felt happier and more confident in myself. I feel being fit and healthy creates a more positive life.

All my peers were very supportive and inspired by the changes I had made and very proud with the results I achieved.

This program is the best thing you could do for yourself, it’s a lifestyle you can follow for the rest of your life to achieve and maintain optimum health and vitality.

I am so grateful for meeting Michelle and for everything she has taught me. I know that the knowledge I have gained will benefit me and my family for life.

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