A New Challenge

Setting and accomplishing fitness goals was nothing new to Katrin, but choosing Nazafit changed her life.


FB_IMG_1432167908547My name is Katrin, I’m 33 years and I would like to write a bit about my journey and using Michelle’s Comp prep program for the last 3 months.

I have been always fit and active and I always enjoyed going to the Gym when I was younger and I always had that dream to compete one day since I was 18. 1.5 years ago I had reached my highest weight I’ve ever been, 87kg. This is when I started to realise that again I would have to get back into running, cycling and exercising. I also started my new FIFO Job on a 2/1 roster.

By then I had lost 5 kg and I also started Herbalife and lost another 12 kg. After all that weight lost and my new job I started to look for a new challenge which I had set myself last year in August. The goal was running the City to Surf Marathon. After I completed that with my best time of 4 hours and 45 min, I needed something different.

I went back to Germany and trained with my Gym buddy whom I used to train with when I was younger. While we were training we talked about competing, which I said yeah maybe I’ll do it next year. Once I came back I contacted my friend Karen who had just competed in October 2014 and asked her all about her coach. Karen really inspired me and I contacted her coach, Michelle, straight away to find out more about her Programs. Her knowledge and enthusiasm sounded really good so I committed myself to a 3 month transformation and comp prep under her watchful eyes.


I truly can say this was the best decision I’ve ever made. Michelle taught me so much about good nutrition and eating clean and took the time to explain to me how it all works. She made me my personal diet and training plan and met every 2 weeks to monitor my progress. Because of my FIFO job it was even harder to stick to a clean eating diet plan, but Michelle was always pushing me telling me that I have set my goal and that I could do it. The chefs on site were really supportive and cooked my meals just how my plan required, but in saying that it was still a huge challenge as I still had to bring up my own food (about 20kg extra every 2 weeks).

My personal highlights were the special omelettes and pancakes cooked al la Michelle’s Nazafit recipe. They were delicious and became a much needed reward during work. The down side with my FIFO job was working 12 hour shifts, and on top of that I had to train 3 hours every day. Maintaining that on a low calorie diet was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I was very lucky to have my partner and some really good friends who supported me and believed in me all the way, and I reckon I could have done much better if I would have worked a normal job in Perth.

For my next comp, I will definitely go with Michelle’s Program again and push myself to win!


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