Back on Deck

Barbara Michelle Jim in Intensive Care

This photo shows me a couple of days after my open heart surgery and I must say I never want to feel this sick again. That is why I am so passionate about how I live my life and what food I put into it. We have only got one body so we need to look after it.

Hi there,
I am finally beginning to feel better as I have been really sick with bronchitis causing dramas with my breathing and a rapid heart rate. When ever I get any type of infection it sets all alarm bells off as I need to have high doses of antibiotics to ensure no infection gets into my blood stream. If it does it can kill my donor heart valves very quickly and I would be in serious trouble. I even have to have full antibiotic protection when I go to the dentist, have a pap smear or anything like that because it is such a risk for me. I carry information with me all the time stating this in case I have an accident.
With this in mind that is why I really want to share with you all my journey as it is an ongoing one that will never be easy for me but I make every day count and cherish the people around me as we never ever know what is around the corner.
Rae I want to say how great it was to share a few hours with you today and also getting to catch up with Jeh was fantastic. It just shows that even though the comps are close you should still be able to spend quality time with your friends as you can never get today back so I believe you need to make the most of it.
Am starting back at the gym on Monday as I have missed my home away from home and Sierra is missing all her little friends in the creche.
Take Care everyone

Get Fit from within

Michelle xx