This will give you all a laugh

Hello everyone,
I have been developing a seminar for a group of clients tomorrow night and I was searching through some old files of mine and I stumbled across an article that Nicole Pratt wrote about me in the REPS magazine quite a few years ago. This magazine was a small publication started by Kevin Schaeffer and was for WA Natural Bodybuilders. Well I had to let you all see this article as there are a couple of photos of me when I was really underdevloped and scrawny. As you will read I was quite sick at this time but I had the drive, determination and goal of winning a world title burning inside me.
I want you all to see these images to show how far I have come over the years. It has been a slow process but I have stuck to my plan and goals and my development is starting to show through which is great. I still have a long way to go as I am no where near as good as I can be and need to be with all the great figure competitors out there.
I have lost many shows during my figure journey but it is great to lose I believe because it teaches you so many lessons. Those competitors who learn from their losses will develop into fine competitors and will be involved in the sport for a long time not just for one or two shows.
All I ask is that you don’t laugh that loud that I can hear you all when you see these photos of me especially my hair do in one of them

Get Fit from Within

Michelle xx