Nazafit News 2010

Hi there,

I hope everyone has started 2010 with a bang!!

Nazafit definitely has and there are so many new and exciting things happening my head is spinning.

I do have two announcements for you today though and number one is I would love to introduce you all to Jehanne Newby who many of you may already know. Jeh has come on board with Nazafit to help me educate, motivate and inspire as many people around the world to become living testaments of health and vitality. Jeh is passionate about health and fitness and I am so happy to have her working along side me.

Please have a read of Jeh’s bio below and she can be contacted at 



I was never into sports much as a child, or even to this day actually. Sports require some form of coordination, something I was never blessed with. I have however always enjoyed the outdoors, keeping fit and working up a sweat in the gym – something that does not require coordination, much to my delight!

I started weight training at 17, just doing up my own programs after reading a few books. I didn’t get very far with it all back then though, as I had no real goals or direction. To get the body I really desired, I decided to enter a bodybuilding competition. I took on a coach to assist me and entered and won my first competition in July 2009.

I adore weight training, I love seeing the way you can sculpt your body, and I love feeling fit and strong.  My goal is to refine my physique over the years and to see where I can take myself competitively.

I have completed my Cert III and IV in Fitness now, and feel very privileged to be working with Michelle Nazaroff of Nazafit, as I consider Michelle to be one of the best in the business.

The satisfaction I get out of helping people realise their goals and dreams, by giving them the skills and knowledge they require to achieve them, is so rewarding for me. To be able to help someone to obtain that strong, healthy body we all desire to have is very exciting and encouraging.

There is no better feeling than that of complete health, and to have a body that does all that you ask of it.

Your Body is a Temple – look after it and it will serve you a life time 

My second bit of news is that I have become the WA rep for Style on Stage

 and I must say it is a pleasure to be working with the amazing Jo Rogers. So for all the WA competitors out there please contact me if you want help with your suits and trunks for this coming comp season. I will also be stocking a range of shoes, posing trunks, tanning products, bikini bite etc.

Get Fit from Within


Michelle xx