In 2012 Oprah walked on Fire! This year for the first time in Perth 2013 Unlock Your Greatest Potential with Michelle!

You Can Do It

  • Learn how to conquer your fears
  • Understand the science of how ‘failure’ can be turned into your greatest strength
  • Map where you are now and identify what’s keeping you from your full potential
  • Break through emotional barriers that hold you back
  • Tap into the power of your mind and achieve lasting results

Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

“ I just wanted to say tonight’s event was fantastic. For anyone who wants to be inspired or needs a change in their life come along to one of these.  I guarantee it, you will not believe what you’re capable of doing and  at the end of it I didn’t believe it myself I had to do the fire walk twice.   So to those who are unbelievable come in here and believe in yourself.” – Karlos Perth “  I came with a negative attitude with what we were going to do and I think that’s because I was stuck in a hole a bit but I’ve managed by the end of the day I’ve got so much clarity with what I want to do next.  I can’t believe we walked on fire and broke through I genuinely believed we wouldn’t be able to and I feel completely liberated and excited about the next step for me” – Joanne Perth

” one of the most incredible experiences of my life” – Oprah

Fire walking and break through exercises can serve as powerful metaphors. Once you start doing what you thought was once impossible what else will become possible in other areas of your life.

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