How does a raw diet affect your skin’s sun exposure?

There are several ways to prevent overexposure to the sun but having a well balanced raw diet can have a huge impact in this area.

Healthy bodies need vitamin D and produce it from sunlight exposure to the skin.  One of the most efficient parts of the body for this production is around the eyes.  Some may not consider, when wearing dark glasses out in the sun, they cover most of this area and prevent vitamin D absorption.  Further more,  another unintended side effect of wearing dark glasses is the fact that the body and hence the skin is confused as to the environmental conditions outside and thus doesn’t fully open it’s vitamin D receptors.

Actually the label vitamin D is a real misnomer. D is not technically a vitamin, but a hormone produced by the body. It is this ability to produce its own D which allows the body to fight, and in some cases prevent, degenerative and infectious diseases.

The body is better able to use D which it produces itself rather than D it ingests (as in popular vitamin pills). The sun’s ultraviolet rays activate the body’s production of this hormone, which in turn is necessary for growing healthy teeth and bones, and for a healthy immune system, we are much more likely to get sick from too little sun than too much.

Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables help your skin to adjust to sun exposure, high-lycopene foods – raw tomatoes, for example – will aid your body in managing sun exposure, as will foods containing antioxidants.

But…be careful! Don’t expect to make a sudden switch to your new raw food diet and then two weeks later bake beside a hotel pool or Bali beach with utter impunity.

Human beings thrive on partial sun. No matter how well we eat – which for us means: how raw, how simple, how close to nature we eat – we still do eat. We breathe. Whatever we assimilate, the body will produce metabolic waste.

Too much exposure to UV radiation will bring these toxins into play. We release toxins through the skin. Sunlight accelerates this process. Toxins get drawn to the surface, and if there are too many of them, they will get fried. That is what “cancer caused by the sun” actually is. And if not cancer, the result will still be what we call premature aging.

One thing’s for sure: As much as a raw foods regime, skilfully practiced over the long haul, can help you regulate your body’s relationship with sunlight, simply being a member of the raw foods community. The Nazafit Raw Diets are perfect to help in this area so contact us for more information…