Celebrating Cheryl

56 year old grandmother of 3 crushes the female competition half her age to be crowned WA’s INBA WA Overall Figure Champion in Natural Bodybuilding.

This has never been done before in the history of the competition in Australia.

 Cheryl Collard INBA Champion56 year old Cheryl Callard is a mother of two children, son Sean aged 38 years and daughter Holly aged 14. Cheryl is also a grandmother to 3 – Sophie 5 years, Iyla 3 and Samantha 1.

 Cheryl followed a holistic whole food approach to the competition and women half her age did not stand a chance said Coach Michelle Nazaroff.

“I did not think I stood a chance being in my 50’s” she said. “I trusted a new holistic healthy approach to bodybuilding that was inspired and taught by Michelle Nazaroff and it rebuilt my body from the inside out and I feel and look younger than ever before. I have become the best version of me in Body, Mind and Spirit and I am hopeful that my journey and win will inspire other older women to aim for the stars and achieve their ultimate health and fitness goals.

Coached by Michelle, Cheryl is heading for the National and World titles and the high protein plant based and raw approach will be followed yet again to ensure the trophies are brought back.

Margaret Soumelidis: I think Cheryl is a legend, I had the chance to speak with her and I think she is truly amazing and well deserved 1st Place.”

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