Master Trainer

I have been working for Michelle in the Nazafit office since 2010 after she judged me in my first Figure comp in 2009.

My first experience in the figure world was an enjoyable one at the All Female Classic in Melbourne where I won my category. I took on Michelle as my coach after this first show as I was confused nutritionally, and had no idea how to eat well to enable me to stay healthy, grow some muscle and reach my goal again to compete the following year. I am a qualified Personal Trainer, yet my passion is food and nutrition. As a personal trainer you are not taught much about nutrition.

The things I have learnt through working with Michelle and having her as my coach for my next competitions has been invaluable. I LOVE working in the Nazafit office helping assist other people reach their own goals, whatever they may be, in a healthy manner. It is so great to see and hear from clients who have increased their energy, increased their food, increased their nutrient intake and are feeling so wonderful and energised.

I have so much to be thankful to Michelle for – so many things she has taught me, and the wonderful opportunity to have such a flexible, fun work environment – I can not imagine having a normal 9-5 job, life is great!

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