Testimonial: 12 Week Total Body Transformation Program

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$199 12-Week Total Body Transformation Program.
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Just wanted to tell you how great I have been feeling since commencing your plan a few weeks ago. Apart from recovering from surgery I have had quite a few stressful situations and been feeling pretty low but since commencing your plan I have noticed a marked improvement in my moods/stress levels and overall demeanor (only change is your food). I just thought I’d share this with you as apart from the general health stuff, eating well definitely helps improve mood and can help fight depression, and I don’t believe I eat that bad probably just not balanced. I have only lost a couple of kilos but with all the stress I’ve had I’m sure my cortisol is elevated which will not help with weight loss. I am looking at it more as a long term thing rather than just a quick fix which is why your plans are great. I feel better which is the main thing.

 I am doing meal plan 2 from the program at present and it’s so good! I couldn’t  believe I could like anything more than the first one but the second plan is amazing! I think the green coconut smoothie is actually the best smoothie I have ever tasted and the DOCA (breakfast recipe) – YUM!!!!! I love fish so the addition of the baked fish is fantastic. The lunchtime salads are great because you can make them ahead of time and grab as you need them.” – Anonymous, Sydney


Michelle Nazaroff

by Michelle Nazaroff

Michelle Nazaroff is the founder and subject expert of this website. She describes herself as an ordinary woman who has achieved extraordinary results in body, mind and spirit.

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