Amber Day

Updated picture of Amber after living the Nazafit lifestyle for 7 months

I’ll gladly go on the website – I’m actually proud of myself and what I managed to achieve, so I have no problem with you using my photos!! :)

The whole experience was really positive and I’m so glad I did it – I’ve tried various eating plans and training programs before, but never seen great results and often given up because I didn’t think I was getting anywhere. While I don’t have any intentions of competing in body building, I thought that your ideas and the science behind what you do would benefit me in my goal of losing fat/weight.  I signed up for the 12 week program with Nazafit with the thought that if it didn’t work, then something must be medically wrong with me. I was so pleased when week after week, i could see results on the scales and also see my body changing.

The nutrition plan Jehanne set for me was great – the food was really fresh and tasty, and there was a lot of variety. I think over all the meals and snacks for the 12 weeks, there was only a couple of things I didn’t like but she offered alternatives. Having a cheat day to look forward to made sticking to the plan easy – I didn’t want to stray from it! (having dessert every night also helped). It has given me a better understanding of what I should be eating, and even though I’m sticking to it at the moment, I feel confident that I could devise my own eating plan based around the same nutritional breakdown.

The training plan was obviously effective, but I didn’t feel like I was living at the gym. I enjoy doing weight work, but didn’t feel confident previously that I was doing the right exercises. Having a program written for me made me feel more positive that I was doing the right things to get results…and it showed!!

Another huge factor in my success was the support I received – both in person during my training sessions with Jehanne, and via email during the whole program. Having this external support made me want to stick to the nutrition and training plans even more as I had to be accountable to someone other than myself. Jehanne was encouraging week after week.

While I still have more work to do to reach my target, I am really pleased with the results I’ve seen so far. I’m confident that I now have the tools to keep achieving results, and succeed in reaching my goals. I haven’t felt this good about my physical appearance in a long time – and it’s all thanks to the girls at Nazafit!! (…oh, and my hard work :P )

Thanks so much again!

Update 7 months later in May 2011:

Amber has embraced the Nazafit Lifestyle with both arms and has been continuing on with her transformation journey.

I really want to show women out there that my plans are for life not just a short period of time. There are six elements to the Nazafit lifestyle and they are

  • Breath
  • Optimum Hydration
  • Enhanced Wholefood Nutrition
  • Revitalising Exercise
  • Sleep & Recovery
  • Positive Thoughts

Update 12 months later in October 2011:

Updated picture of Amber after living the Nazafit lifestyle for 12 months

We are so proud of what Amber has achieved in her sportsmodel competition. She was one of the most conditioned competitors on the stage, perhaps a little too conditioned for sportsmodel. I am so delighted in what Amber presented and the picture of health and vitality she was onstage.

Amber is living the lifestyle each and every day and is not committed to her first figure competition next year. I am looking forward to updating this special ongoing transformation with the results of that.