Gary Ahern

I watched my wife Amber work with Michelle last year in helping her achieve her first hurdle and get her weight under control. I helped support Amber by eating the same foods and underwent the training with her too, to keep her focused. Week after week, I was amazed to see her clothes becoming looser and looser, and seeing the comparison photos was mind blowing.

After finally achieving Amber’s target weight, Amber then decided that she’d come this far, why not compete? So again, we met with Michelle, who devised a new food and training program for us to get Amber stage ready. Michelle was fantastic and also assisted me with my diet, so that our main meals were the same and our snacks different so that I filled all the nutritional requirements my body would require. I never felt hungry or lacking, and even after the competitions finished, I just couldn’t go back to how I used to eat. I am addicted to my green smoothies!

I have always been extremely active and have been training for many years, although never really getting the results I wanted to see. Sure I thought I looked fairly good in comparison to many fellow gym goers, but every fortnight we would catch up with Michelle and the results were amazing! The support and assistance Michelle and David offer, through catching up or email was very comforting. Every question was answered, every email replied to.

Throughout the 12 weeks comp preparation, my focus was on making sure Amber got the results she needed to be able to get up on stage to compete in her first competition. The whole time Michelle would make sure I was still achieving results also. When we got to competition day, Michelle was there every step of the way. Making sure Amber was looking the absolute best, she could be.

I didn’t believe that I could get into the shape that I did, and I don’t believe I could have done it without the help and support of the Nazaroff’s. They have encouraged and inspired Amber and I to lead a new happier, healthier lifestyle. The results really do speak for themselves. This is just the beginning as next year both Amber and I plan to compete.

Thank you Michelle and David, I look forward to working with you for next year’s competition season!