Amber Day a Nazafit Success Story

Why did you choose to “Get Fit From Within” with Nazafit?

After struggling with my weight for many years, I was at a point of desperation and frustration as well as having found some determination to commit myself to something – anything! It was suggested I contact Nazafit after considering that a bodybuilding approach to losing fat and gaining muscle may be something that would work for me, even though I had no interest in competing. I didn’t realise at the time how positively life changing the decision to sign up for a 12 week “Get Fit from Within” program would be!

What did you gain on your Nazafit journey?

I gained so much – physically I was able to achieve a physique I’m proud of. I have gained confidence and a more positive outlook on life – the huge sense of achievement I feel from being able to dedicate myself and achieve my weight loss and physique goals gives me the drive to pursue other goals and dreams in the same way. Most importantly I have developed a good relationship with food as well as gaining the information (and a passion to continually build on this information) to live a healthier life, through the understanding of how food effects how our bodies function.


My Nazafit Success I am most proud of is?

I am so proud of the achievements and trophies I’ve won on the few competition stages I’ve been on so far. As well as the opportunity to compete nationally and internationally, I think I’m more proud of how my success has inspired others to change habits and make better lifestyle choices.